Wesley and Carly


For people hating on Carly and Wes… I stood two feet behind them yesterday and personally witnessed how happy they were. They were laughing together, flirting. In the pictures I took, you can just see the adoration in their eyes. And there is absolutely no reason to hate on Carly. She was the sweetest person there. Wes looked happy with her. That’s all that matters.

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Wes: “I can’t live without coffee. I would die.”
Carly: “I don’t really drink that much coffee.”
Wes: “Of course. Cause you’re perfect.” *smiles*



Fireside Story Sessions San Diego 07/31/14

Anonymous asked: How old is Carly?


Anonymous asked: My friend told me that Wes and Carly broke up, is that true?

No one knows for sure expect for them and their friends so there’s no point in trying to figure it out
Maybe they broke up or maybe they decided to keep things private this time