Wesley and Carly

Anonymous asked: How old is Carly?


Anonymous asked: My friend told me that Wes and Carly broke up, is that true?

No one knows for sure expect for them and their friends so there’s no point in trying to figure it out
Maybe they broke up or maybe they decided to keep things private this time

Anonymous asked: Is Wesley still going out with Carly?

I don’t know.. There hasn’t been much activity on twitter or anywhere else so maybe they broke up or maybe they are just being super private

Anonymous asked: are u dating


I’m sorry but I don’t get the anger towards Drew…

Yes we wanted them together for a long time. Yes they could have handled this better. Yes it’s really upsetting.

But he doesn’t owe us anything. Like he shouldn’t be forced to stay if he believes it’s his time to go. Obviously this wasn’t an overnight decision.

It took him and the others a long time to finally reach a decision. So it’s not an easy time for any of them especially Drew.  But you don’t care.. You’re too busy sending him hate and being angry towards him. Yet you expect him to go on Twitter to explain himself? EXCUSE ME?

Maybe if some of you weren’t such assholes to him, he would have addressed this.   

Stop being selfish. 

If I were him I’d avoid talking to you guys too… It’s bad enough he’s letting go of something he loves.. he really doesn’t need the bullshit some of you are throwing at him. Leave him alone.

Drew officially left E3 and I’m sad but

Not surprised. I saw it coming.
And even though I’d like him to stay.. It’s his life, his career, and his choice.

We need to respect that.

I hope no one sends him or the other boys any hate.

Anonymous asked: Was Keaton's prom date a friend or just an extremely lucky fan? Just curious lol I haven't been up to date with E3 news orz

Just a friend! More specifically his good friend’s sister