Wesley and Carly

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Now you’re dancing all over my soul

Anonymous asked: tbh, yeah, some people believe the rumours. but you're just as bad completely refusing to believe that these rumours could be true, like how you said "someone talks out of their ass." sure, some are quick to believe rumours, but you don't have to be so narrow-minded.

OMG are we STILL talking about this?

Just to clarify, when exactly did I say it can’t be true? Ohhh that’s right, I didn’t. What a shocker.. Someone giving their opinion without actually knowing what I said. 

All I continuously said was “I don’t believe what people say until I see facts.” That doesn’t mean “rumors can’t be true.” It means “rumors CAN be true BUT I won’t support it, agree with it, or argue for it UNTIL I see facts.” 

If words were reliable then people would be breaking up, taking sides, going to prison, etc. much quicker and more easily. Unfortunately, it’s human nature to lie or exaggerate so Imagine how many mistakes would be made if we believed everything people said. Any reasonable person would be cautious of what they believe. Especially if it has to do with someone you don’t even know personally.
That’s not narrow-minded. That’s logic.

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